May 20, 2024

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Public cricket crew players currently on agreement, Federation official says

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The Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF) has given out agreements to its public cooperative individuals to work on the nature of play.

Taiwo Oriss, secretary-general of the NCF, expressed this at the Yearly Regular gathering (AGM) of the federation on Sunday in Abuja.

Oriss said the thought was to display the nation’s style of play after that of nations like South Africa, Zimbabwe, and others that are top cricket-playing African nations.

“One of the masterful plans the board has settled upon is to perceive the way that we can get the most extreme result from our players — how to inspire them to give more to the game.

“The committee settled that endorsement be given to the board to pay recompenses to the players as an approach to contracting them.

“We marked players into the public group and we put them on compensation, and that has produced results since November 2022. It is only that this AGM is approving that choice today.

“In any case, I believe one stage will proceed to assist the board with accomplishing its ideal outcomes regarding support, terms of advancement, and result,” he said.

The NCF official likewise added that the agreement was exclusively for the men’s senior group right now, with plans in progress to get contracts for different groups.

“This is the principal stage, and we are beginning with the male public group. We have separated the group into two gatherings: group An and group B.

“We are thinking about just Group A, who are the primary cooperative individuals, for the agreements now.

“This is very much like a test approach for us to obtain the ideal outcome for the federation. I can perceive you that we simply need to begin from where we are.

“Ideally, before the year’s end, doubtlessly in the first or second quarter, I’m certain that the board will take things to a higher level and include the ladies and different groups too,” Oriss added.

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