May 20, 2024

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NBBF President Kida Felicitates Muslim On Eid El-Kabir Celebration

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As Muslim faithfuls all around the world observes Eid El-Kabir Wednesday, President of Nigeria Basketball League (NBBF), Engr. Ahmadu Musa Kida, has conveyed a salutary message to congratulate with them on the favorable event.

Kida expressed gratitude toward God for the event, even as he commented that the festival of Eid El-Kabir is an exceptionally extraordinary event in the existences of Muslim faithfuls.

“This is for sure, an extremely unique event for all Muslim faithfuls on the planet. It is an opportunity to show love, generosity and say thanks to Allah, by and large of his affection and charitableness for humankind.

“For the benefit of myself, loved ones, and especially, every one of the individuals from Nigeria Basketball people group, home and abroad, I say thanks to God for keeping us generally alive and healthy to commend this extraordinary event.

“I utilize this event as a contact highlight ask that Allah in His endless leniencies keep on directing, monitor and favor our chiefs and everybody of us, as we look for a superior, quiet, joined together and prosperous country,” the profoundly respected sport overseer supplicated gravely.

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